“I have not read any book of poetry in years that matches the ambition and originality of Fernando Valverde’s America…[T]hese poems are a reminder of what we lived through and what kind of poetry we have been missing from our lives.”
“Celia is a poem condemned to immortality. No one can deny this triumph of poetry”
“The important voice of Fernando Valverde is registering from today on its place in the history of Spanish literature, leaving poems engraved in our consciousness and a mystery that transcends suffering.”
NATHALIE HANDAL, Columbia University
“In his poems Fernando Valverde reminds us once again, with his powerful images and with the emotional strength that always dwells in true poetry, that time is the material that we are made of.”
PIEDAD BONNETT, Universidad de Los Andes
“His poetry arouses the admiration of all because it draws from the best sources of lyrical poetry.”
LUIS GARCÍA MONTERO, Universidad de Granada
“He is the voice of his generation and one of the most important voices of poetry in comtemporary Spanish.”
MIGUEL ÁNGEL ZAPATA, Hofstra University
“Fernando Valverde is a key that opens the door to the best young poetry that is written at this moment in Spain”
BENJAMÍN PRADO, Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos y Diario El País